Issue Correspondence

30th Street Station Flip Board
Delegation Letter to Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson

Response Letter From Amtrak
Letter to Representative Lawrence

Accountability and Transparency for State Mandated Dairy Premiums for Pennsylvania Dairy Farmers
Lawrence Comments Before the PA Milk Marketing Board December 6, 2018.

Lawmakers Call For End to Diversion of State Funds to Out-of-State Investors
Letter to PENNVEST regarding $50 million Lyme Timber loan.
Pennvest Response

PSU responds to Lawrence letter concerning proposed renovations at Beaver Stadium.
Letter From Zack Moore, Vice President for Government and Community Relations, Penn State University.

Questions Concerning Renovations at Penn State
Rep. Lawrence Letter to Penn State President Eric Barron Regarding Beaver Stadium Renovations

Establishing Colonies Of Phorid Flies

Penn State Phorid Fly Study

Goat Hill Wild Plant Sanctuary
Letter from Bureau of Forestry regarding Goat Hill Wild Plant Sanctuary

Four Way Stop at Appleton Rd and Strickersville Rd, Franklin Township
Rep Lawrence Letter to PennDOT regarding Appleton/Strickersville Rd Intersection
PennDOT District 6 Response Regarding Appleton / Strickersville Rd Intersection
PennDOT Four Way Stop Approval Letter Appleton/Strickersville Road

Volkswagen Diesel Settlement
DEP Letter Regarding VW Diesel Settlement
Response from DEP Regarding VW Diesel Settlement Letter

Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities Advertisement on WHYY Public Radio
Letter to Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities Regarding Advertisement on WHYY Public Radio
Response from Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities Regarding Advertisement on WHYY Public Radio

Driver’s License Testing Appointments
CCIU Third Party Driver's License Skills Testing Services Application
Chester County Delegation Letter to PennDOT Sec Richards Regarding Testing Centers
PennDOT Reply to Rep. Lawrence Regarding Driver’s License Testing Appointments

Payments to Public Charter Schools
PDE Follow-up Letter to PDE Regarding Payment to Public Charter Schools

PDE Letter Regarding Payments to Public Charter Schools

Transportation Related Promotions
Response from Sec. Richards regarding contracts for transportation-related promotions
Letter to Sec. Richards regarding contracts for transportation-related promotions

Gov. Wolf Response Letter to Rep. Lawrence's Pothole Correspondence
Rep Lawrence Letter to Gov Wolf Regarding Potholes with a Proposal to Address the Situation

PECO Power Surge Letter
PECO Power Surge Letter from Rep Lawrence 

Sec. Tomalis
Letter to Education Secretary Dumaresq regarding Sec. Tomalis

Driver’s License Reissuance
Letter to PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards Regarding Concerns About Driver's License Reissuance
Response from Sec. Richards on Driver's License Reissuance Issue

Paycheck Protection
Letter to Majority Leader Turzai asking for a floor vote on Paycheck Protection 

Letter to Acting Education Sec Dumaresq regarding PA Information Management System 
Letter to Secretary Dumaresq
Response from Secretary Dumaresq
Lawrence letter to IRRC Regarding Common Core and Protection of Student DataRep. 
IRRC Response Regarding Academic Standards and Assessments

Lawrence Letter to U.S. Gov't on Proposed Agriculture Regulations
Letter to Division of Dockets Management
Letter from Senator Toomey

Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative
Avon Grove Board of School Directors
Letter to Avon Grove School Board

Letter to PA Milk Marketing Board regarding Over-Order Premium 
Letter to Chairman Brubaker 
Response from Chairman Brubaker 
July 10 2013 Letter From Chairman Brubaker to Representative Lawrence

Wickersham Road Safety Lights
Wickersham Road Safety Lights Letter to Oxford School District 

New Firearms Restrictions

Letter to Oxford Mayor Geoff Henry regarding new firearms restrictions

Common Core
Letter to Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Secretary Ron Tomalis requesting more information about the impact that the pending imposition of national Common Core Standards may have on Pennsylvania school districts

Second Medicaid Letter to Governor Corbett

Commerce Energy's Solicitation of Oxford Village Residents 
Letter to Commerce Energy CEO
Response from Commerce Energy

Road and Street Signs
Federal Regulations Pertaining to Road and Street Signs

Regarding NBC affiliate WGAL Channel 8
WGAL Letter from Rep John Lawrence
Response from Federal Communications Commission
Form Letter sent by FCC to Rep Lawrence

Camp Tweedale Girl Scout Camp
Regarding Camp Tweedale

State Route 472 - Bridge Rehabilitation
Rep. Lawrence Letter to PennDOT - SR 472 Bridge Rehabilitation 
PennDOT Reply Letter - SR 472 Bridge Rehabilitation