My Audio Updates
Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
Rep. Lawrence Offers His Reaction to the Governor’s Budget Address - 2/10/2016
Rep. John Lawrence (R-chester & Lancaster) offered his reaction to Gov. Tom Wolf’s spending proposal for fiscal year 2016-17, which was announced Tuesday in an address before a joint session of the General Assembly. The governor’s budget plan would increase taxes on working Pennsylvanians and employers by $3.6 billion and spending by 10 percent, or $3 billion, and calls for $33.3 billion in total spending. To support his proposed spending plan the governor has proposed 15 new tax increases, including a retroactive increase in the Personal Income Tax on Pennsylvania workers.
Rep. Lawrence Says House Republicans are Working to Get State Government Debt Under Control - 4/23/2015
Legislation aimed at getting borrowing by state government under control was introduced this week at a press conference held by a group of House Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg. The four bill package is designed to increase debt transparency and control the growth of the debt burden incurred for funding capital projects, as well as putting lower debt ceilings in place for borrowing that funds the economic development program known as RCAP. Chairman of the legislative working group, Rep. John Lawrence (R-Chester & Lancaster) said lawmakers are attempting to protect taxpayers today and tomorrow by getting a firmer grip on the state’s growing debt burden now.
Rep. Lawrence Comments on Committee Approval of Child Protection Bills - 11/19/2013
A package of legislation designed to update the Commonwealth’s child protection statutes received unanimous approval from the House Children and Youth Committee recently in Harrisburg. The legislation was derived from a report by the Taskforce on Child Protection, initially spurred by the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Rep. John Lawrence (R-Chester) said lawmakers from both parties put aside their differences to ensure that children in Pennsylvania are safe. Chuck Nichols reports... story and bite available.
Rep. Lawrence Supports Bill to Abolish the PA Turnpike Commission - 4/18/2013
Legislation aimed at abolishing the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and turning over all operations, maintenance, construction and other responsibilities to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation was introduced Wednesday in Harrisburg. House Bill 1197 would eliminate the outdated commission and create a bureau within PennDOT to operate the 500 mile toll road. Co-sponsor of the bill Rep. John Lawrence (R-Chester) said recent indictments against former commission officials are an indicator that the time has come for the state to seriously consider consolidating operations and saving taxpayer dollars. Mike Davies reports... story and bite available.
Rep. Lawrence Comments on Second Amendment Rally in Harrisburg - 5/10/2011
Hundreds of sportsmen and supporters of the second amendment rallied on the Capitol steps Tuesday calling for action on Castle Doctrine legislation now moving through the legislative process in Harrisburg. Rep. John Lawrence (R-Chester) said he was glad to see so many citizens standing up for their rights to bear arms as well as protect themselves and their families. Chuck Nichols Reports - Story and Bite available.