Lawrence Rallies with Lincoln University Students and Alumni, Calls for Board Chair to Resign
LINCOLN UNIVERSITY – At a Saturday rally in front of the historic Lincoln University entrance arch, state Rep. John Lawrence (R-Chester County) joined Lincoln University students and alumni in calling for the resignation of Theresa Braswell, who chairs the university’s board of trustees.

“We are here today to call out the unlawful actions taken by renegade board members of this institution,” said Lawrence, addressing the crowd of students and alumni. “I am calling for the chairwoman of the board, Theresa Braswell, to resign from the board immediately. I am calling for anyone blocking properly appointed members of the board from voting to stand down, and I am calling for any decision made by the board since January to be declared null and void.”

The Lincoln Board of Trustees has been under intense scrutiny since a July 10 board meeting allegedly held in violation of the state’s Sunshine Law. Five duly appointed trustees were blocked from voting at the meeting, at which the board narrowly voted to refuse renewal of University President Brenda Allen’s contract. Citing multiple alleged violations of state law, Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed suit against Braswell in Commonwealth Court, asking the court to remove her from the board.

In response, Lincoln students and alumni organized Saturday’s march up Old Baltimore Pike in support of President Allen, and in protest of her dismissal by the board. Popular with students and alumni, Allen is a 1981 graduate of Lincoln.

“I’m excited to see the immediate actions taken by Attorney General Shapiro and Rep. Lawrence,” said Imani Estrada, a senior majoring in biology who helped organize the march and rally. “President Allen’s strong leadership and many contributions to her alma mater do not go unnoticed. I believe all actions being taken in support of Dr. Allen are in the best interest of the university and the students.”

“We are in a time of uncertainty, and it is time that we affirm our legacy and maintain it,” said Jamal Clark, a senior majoring in political science and president of the Lincoln Student Government Association. “Brenda Allen, the 14th president of our university, is our legacy! Things may get tough, but I want everyone to remember ‘Who We Are.’ We are not what everyone may have expected. We are different. We are unique. Most of all we are the change that we seek.”

“The legacy of this institution does not belong to those who would knowingly break the law to accomplish their ill-conceived plans,” said Lawrence in reference to recent board actions. “It belongs to every student, friend and alumni who invests their life into the furtherance of Lincoln University and its proud tradition of excellence.”

Representative John Lawrence
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Donna Pinkham