Sep. 20, 2017

HARRISBURG (August 28, 2017) – State Representative John Lawrence and State Senator Andy Dinniman announced today that a four-way stop sign will be installed at an intersection that has long been a concern for Franklin Township residents and motorists.

PennDOT recently approved a four-way stop at the intersection of Appleton and Strickersville roads due to the efforts of Lawrence, Dinniman, and various township officials.

Township officials had attempted to get a four-way stop sign installed at the intersection several times in the past, but had met with little success due to lack of the necessary approvals from PennDOT. Lawrence and Dinniman, who both serve on their respective chamber’s Transportation Committee, ramped up pressure on PennDOT to reconsider their decision due to the intersection’s extraordinary and potentially dangerous circumstances.

In a June 23 letter to PennDOT, Dinniman emphasized the presence of natural and man-made obstacles that limit sight distance and visibility at the intersection, as well as expanding agricultural activities that will likely lead to increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic there.

“This action places all motorists in unnecessary jeopardy and would be eliminated with the installation of a four-way stop at this intersection,” he wrote. “A four-way stop will significantly aide the safety and welfare of not only those working near this intersection, but also commuters who utilize this popular corridor daily.”

Recently, township officials were notified via phone call that the four-way stop had been approved.

“I am thankful to PennDOT for reconsidering the need for a four-way stop system at Appleton and Strickersville Roads and pleased that they heard the voices of residents and elected officials. This traffic safety improvement will benefit all who travel these roads through Franklin Township,” said John Auerbach, chair of the board of supervisors for Franklin Township.

“I appreciate PennDOT’s reconsideration and ultimate approval of a four-way stop at this intersection, which has seen several serious and even fatal accidents over the years,” Lawrence said. “What might seem to be a small step to some is, in actuality, a significant safety improvement that will benefit the residents of southern Franklin Township for a long time.”

Dinniman said it was another example of local and state representatives working across party lines to cut through red tape, improve their communities, and protect their constituents.

“Public safety is the first responsibility of government. We have a duty to listen to our residents and community leaders and take action,” he said. “Sometimes government agencies don’t always know the situation on the ground. When local residents’ concerns aren’t being heard, we work to ensure that they’re heard loud and clear, so that government responds for the benefit of the entire community.”

Representative John Lawrence
13th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Morgan Dux